Katie Ate The Tofu (moldytampon) wrote in x_randomosity_x,
Katie Ate The Tofu

Katie Redshoes' opinions on poop:

pooping hurts.
i only like pooping when i see the expressions on other peoples' feces as they are taking a big hard poop.
why are we TAKING a poop? you dont grab it when you are done and keep it forever..
we are -giving- a poop.
pooping would be a LOT more enjoyable if it was rainbow-colored as it came out. and had a big happy face.
and it was edible.
and tasted like candy.
our rolls. hot, with butter on them.

who doesn't like rolls?

i can tell you.. Katie FUCKING Redshoes DOES like rolls.


-this has been a public announcement approved by KR. we are not resposible for the enlightentment of others, nor should anyone try and eat their poop. it's gross, and doesn't taste like candy or rolls. dont even feed your poop to your cat. trying to do so is messy, and gross. we are not responsible for dead cats. or your dissappointment. yeah. poop is gross.-
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